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In today's highly competitive global business world, it's not easy to stay one step ahead of the competition. It's never been easier to have access to new products and the latest technology. But, by making the most of your people, you can be truly successful and differentiate yourself from your competitors.

And the most important area to have truly outstanding people is in SALES.


  • Typically, 20% of salespeople account for 80% of sales!
  • Top performers often sell 4 times as much as poor performers.
  • Top performers are 10 times more likely to achieve their sales targets.
  • Top Performers have a winning Sales Personality.

What they may not know is that:

  • Sales Personality is a very good predictor of sales success.
  • Sales Personality does not change much over time - even with training. has the experience, expertise and on-line assessment tools to help you find truly outstanding sales people.

We are not a recruitment agency; rather, we are the ANTIDOTE TO RECRUITMENT AGENCIES! Everyone knows that finding and selecting top sales performers is not easy, and that's why a lot of companies go to specialist recruitment agencies. However, after paying thousands of pounds, there is really no excuse for any recruitment agency who claims to be a "specialist" not to achieve a success rate of at least 80%, but very few do.
The reason why very few get even close to this figure is that they do not use proven predictive personality assessments, preferring to rely on their "experience" and "skill in interviewing".

Figures from Harvard Business School show that the interview alone is only 14% accurate in predicting performance! will solve this problem with validated, easy to use, web-based assessments that will help you recruit, develop and manage your salespeople more effectively. Our SalesMax assessments will tell you if you should avoid a candidate and so reduce the risk of recruiting a person who can sell themselves but not your products!


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Our Team

Right arrow image Nik Plevan, Managing Director

Nik has over thirty years' experience in General Management, New Business Development and Mergers & Acquisitions. He has worked in a wide variety of businesses, industries and cultures, and in many different types of company. It was this diverse experience that led him to realise that business success is all to do with people. Nik helps companies with their people, which ones to hire or promote and when and how to train and develop them to their fullest potential.

Right arrow image Adrian Banger, Coach & Master NLP practitioner

Adrian works to help individuals and organisations develop the behaviours and mindsets necessary for peak performance. His experience spans a variety of organisations and levels, from supervisors to boards of directors, in the areas of recruitment, team development, change management and executive coaching.

Right arrow image Charlie Davidson, HR Specialist

Charlie has over 20 years' personnel management and training experience behind him. His corporate experience includes private and public sector organisations, operating from middle management right up to Board level. Charlie is a past chairman of the Industrial Training Association of Scotland and a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development.

Right arrow image Ian Rumble, Training Associate

Ian is a sales performance improvement consultant with over 25 years' experience in building outstanding sales success for a wide variety of businesses both at home and abroad. He has worked in industries as diverse as automotive, distribution, professional services, building & construction, IT, hotel & leisure and telecoms.

Right arrow image Liz McCormac, Business Development and Training Associate

Liz has many years' experience of business from an operational, strategic, and human resources background gained in the UK and overseas hospitality and tourism industry. Since becoming a consultant, Liz has developed a proven track record in delivering outstanding consultancy, training and development of systems to support "better business management" for a wide range of businesses.

Right arrow image Roger Allton, Training Associate

Roger Allton has spent over 45 years in sales, sales management or sales training positions, ranging from retail sales experience with the SPAR convenience store group right through to a major sales training contract with a high street bank where Roger successfully trained over 300 of the bank's Relationship Managers in behavioural selling techniques. Along the way, Roger became Sales Director of Ruddles Brewery and during that time maintained relationships with most UK supermarket chains.

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