Pre-employment tests that identify top sales performers

"Our SalesMax psychometric test will recruit your
top sales performer - GUARANTEED!"

Nik Plevan, Managing Director
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Increase-Sales Success Stories"
The Increase-Sales Success Stories section
shows how successful SalesMax has been at
identifying TOP SALES PERFORMERS for a
number of SalesMax clients... more info
Would you like to know how to
SPOT top sales performers?

"Sales Personality is a very good
predictor of sales success, and does
not change MUCH over time...
You either have it, or you don't!"

Sales Directors know that...

  • Typically, 20% of salespeople account for 80% of sales
  • Top performers often sell 4 TIMES as much as the average salesperson
  • Top performers are 10 TIMES more likely to achieve their sales targets
  • "Sales Personality" is a very good predictor of sales success
  • "Sales Personality" does not change easily over time - even with training - you either have it or you don't

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