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Nik Plevan, Managing Director
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Would you like to know how to
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"Sales Personality is a very good
predictor of sales success, and does
not change MUCH over time...
You either have it, or you don't!"

Sales Directors know that...

  • Typically, 20% of salespeople account for 80% of sales
  • Top performers often sell 4 TIMES as much as the average salesperson
  • Top performers are 10 TIMES more likely to achieve their sales targets
  • "Sales Personality" is a very good predictor of sales success
  • "Sales Personality" does not change easily over time - even with training - you either have it or you don't

These statistics give an indication of the status of most sales teams, however, through a combination of improved sales recruitment and targeted sales training this can be vastly improved. The key is to start with sales recruitment; if you recruit sales people with a superior 'sales personality' from the outset, you will get the most benefit from the sales training you provide, and achieve a much improved sales performance.

At, we aren't suggesting that you should immediately fire your less capable sales people, although in some cases there is no other option. What we are saying, however, is that staff turnover and redeployment, will give you the opportunity to adopt the INCREASE-Sales approach to sales recruitment, and dramatically improve the quality of your sales force.

So what are the benefits of employing SalesMax as part of your recruitment process?

We will ensure that you only recruit top sales performers, and give you a head start on your competitors. We will provide you with simple YES/NO recruitment advice for each candidate. Salesmax measures prospective employees' sales personality, sales knowledge and sales motivations, so that you will be able to predict their success in your sales role.

Our system is accurate, time tested and reliable; the robustness of SalesMax has been proven in over 30,000 reports. One of its advantages is that it can be accessed from anywhere in the world, so long as there is an Internet connection.

Sales training, like all training, is an important investment, and you should expect to see a significant return on that investment. By using SalesMax to only recruit candidates with the 'sales personality' potential to be Top Performers, you will ensure that you get the utmost benefit from sales training, because you will not be wasting your investment on salespeople who can’t sell. You will ensure that your sales team will perform at its peak, because each member will possess the personality to be able to put into practice the new skills learned in the sales training programme.

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