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  • SalesMax PREDICTS performance in the sales job.
  • SalesMax is a state-of-the-art, Internet-based pre-employment test that assists and advises in the selection of candidates for professional sales positions.
  • SalesMax was designed and validated with top performers and built around a consultative sales approach. Because it is web-based, it is easy to use in the field and provides immediate testing, evaluation and reporting, giving you access where and when you want it.

The SalesMax report provides:

  • Success Index - The probability of the candidate's success in a sales role.
  • Interview Probes - A set of questions designed by psychologists to ensure that personality gaps identified by the assessment can be verified, so that you don't hire poor sales performers.
  • Management Suggestions - Recommendations for how to manage the candidates if you take them on.
  • SalesMax provides three additional types of information to help evaluate the candidate:
  • Sales Personality - Relatively stable characteristics that do not change easily over time. All are work-related and have direct applicability to sales positions.
  • Sales Knowledge - Evaluates the candidate's understanding of effective behaviours and strategies at key stages of the sales cycle. The emphasis is on consultative and relationship-oriented sales.
  • Sales Motivations - The relative strength of eight sources of personal motivation to help to manage and motivate the candidate, if hiredtext1.


Sales success begins with a basic disposition for sales. Personality traits are stable characteristics that cannot easily, if ever, be changed through training. Sales candidates should possess the right personality from the start. SalesMax measures personality characteristics that contribute to an individual's effectiveness in the sales role.

  • Energy Level - Enthusiasm, hard work and visible effort
  • Follow-Through - Completes tasks, while following through on commitments
  • Resilience - Able to handle rejection and criticism
  • Responsibility - Serious minded, businesslike and professional
  • Optimism - Positive, optimistic outlook and weathers adversity well
  • Sociability - Outgoing, enjoys client / customer contact
  • Assertiveness - Possesses a confident sales presence

Plus three secondary factors to help manage the candidate, if recruited.

  • Self-Reliance
  • Accommodation
  • Positive View of People

figure image SALES KNOWLEDGE

SalesMax measures the candidate's knowledge of effective strategies for various sales situations. Experienced candidates should score well in most of these areas. For the inexperienced or poorly trained candidate, SalesMax helps target training needs. The sales knowledge areas it evaluates are:

  • Prospecting / Pre-qualifying
  • Probing / Presenting
  • Influencing / Convincing
  • First Meeting / First Impressions
  • Overcoming Objections
  • Closing


The sales motivations section of SalesMax will help you understand the fit between the candidate's motivational needs, your management style, and the rewards available in your company. SalesMax looks at these motivators:

  • Recognition / Attention
  • Money
  • Developing Expertise
  • Security / Stability
  • Control
  • Freedom
  • Affiliation
  • Achievement

SalesMax Sample Reports

You will need Adobe ® Acrobat ® Reader installed on your computer to view any of the documents on the downloads section. If you DO NOT have Adobe Acrobat Reader, you can download it for free by clicking here .

Please click on the links below to obtain samples of SalesMax reports.

Acrobat image Sample SalesMax Selection Report Acrobat image Sample SalesMax Development Report

Product features

  • Gives simple YES/NO advice
  • Predicts sales success
  • Accurate, time-tested and reliable
  • Can be used anywhere there is an internet connection
  • Validated against top sales performers
  • Developed by organisational psychologists
  • Provides behavioural interview questions
  • Measures sales personality, sales knowledge and sales motivation
  • Designed to complement the selection process

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