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SalesMax can Increase your sales by 30%!

Having the right sales people can dramatically improve your company's turnover and profitability. By using SalesMax, you can dramatically increase your chances of recruting top performers. Here's how:

  • Suppose you are the Sales Director of a business turning over £6M with 15 salespeople.
  • Three of your sales people are doing great and sell £5M between them.
  • The rest aren't really pulling their weight.
  • That means that 20% of your people are bringing in 83% of your turnover - the rest are wasting your money.
  • If you could "clone" the three high fliers your business would really take off!

But it's not as simple as that, even with SalesMax.

Based on our experience, we have designed an Excel spreadsheet to calculate a conservative but realistic expectation of the effect of replacing the 12 poor performers with salespeople selected using SalesMax.

  1. At first, the new recruits sell the same as the averagesold by present sales people (i.e. total sales divided by total sales people).
  2. Only three out of four new recruits actually perform at this increased level, with the remaining quarter performing no better that the existing inadequate performers.

Taking the example above, you can realistically expect your sales to increase by almost £2M in the first year, probably more, based on the very conservative assumptions shown on the left.

Of course, in the second and following years, the performance of the new recruits will probably dramatically improve and raise the sales line even further, with a corresponding increase in profit.

If you want to try out the spreadsheet for yourself, with your own figures, you are welcome to do so with our compliments. Just click on this link and we will immediately email you a to download a copy of the spreadsheet. Click here to Download Spreadsheet

What Return can I expect from my Investment?

SalesMax is a highly cost-effective predictive assessment. In the example above, sales were increased by 31% to almost £8M, and the cost in SalesMax assessments was a mere £9,600. Even after adding Recruitment Agency fees (at an inflated 25% of a £30,000 basic salary) and contingency and other expenses of £50,000, the ROI of using SalesMax is still in excess of 150%!


The True Cost of a Recruitment Mistake

Unfortunately, as most Sales Directors know, the chances of hiring a poor performer if you don't use an assessment like SalesMax are surprisingly good! Most salespeople are great at selling themselves, but not that many are equally good at selling your products. And when that happens, companies realise that the cost of a sales recruitment mistake - in real cash terms - is typically a minimum of £25,000!

Here's the evidence:  
Recruitment costs (20% of salary) £6,000
6 month's salary (minimum)* £15,000
NI, expenses, travel, etc** £7,500
TOTAL £28,500
* Based on a £30K salary before commission
** According to Government figures, the actual costs of employment is an additional 50% of basic salary (NI, expenses, travel, etc.)

And that's before you take into account other items like induction, training, capital equipment, management time, and the most significant of all, LOST OPPORTUNITIES.

Lost opportunities never come back!

Once they're lost, they're lost forever!

However, by using SalesMax , you can dramatically stack the odds in your favour, and begin recruting top performers.

How much does SalesMax cost?

A lot less than you might think, especially when the cost of a making a hiring mistake can be as high as £28,000!

SalesMax is a professional psychometric assessment, and we do not believe it is appropriate to publish prices on the web. However, if you want to find out more and would like a quote, please click here and we'll get in touch with you straight away. Click here for an immediate price quotation.

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