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Why Increase-Sales?

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  • Because at we will make sure you only employ TOP SALES PERFORMERS!
  • We will help your business achieve its full potential by giving you the tools with which you can maximise the performance of your sales force. We will ensure that you only employ Top Sales Performers, the top 20% that will transform your business.
  • At we understand what differentiates Top Sales Performers from the rest. Our SalesMax personality assessment will help you recruit, develop and manage people more effectively.

Our SalesMax assessment :

  • Gives simple YES/NO recruitment advice
  • Predicts SALES SUCCESS
  • Is validated against Top Sales Performers
  • Is accurate, time-tested and reliable
  • Provides behavioural interview questions
  • Measures Personality, Sales Knowledge and Sales Motivations
  • Can be used anywhere there is an Internet connection
  • and 30,000 SalesMax reports have been produced to date!
  • We will ensure that you only hire the "BEST". SalesMax has been designed and validated to consistently identify candidates with superior sales potential. Research has proven that candidates who score "BEST" on SalesMax:
  • Achieve, on average, over 95% of their sales targets.
  • Are rated as "top" or "superior" performers by their employers.
  • Sell nearly 3 times as much as "AVOID" or "OK" performers.
  • And we'll also stop you from recruiting poor sales people. When SalesMax says "AVOID", do not proceed with the candidate. You stand an over 80% chance of making a recruitment mistake.

"By following a strategy of "Avoiding the Avoids", we have significantly cut our staff turnover rate and dramatically increased the performance of our sales force. We have quite simply stopped recruiting poor performers."

A.C. Sales Director


dot image At we are experts at measuring and understanding personality, behaviour, values and competencies. Our team has over 150 man years' experience of helping companies achieve their objectives through people. We have chosen to be in the "people business" because we understand that, above all, to be successful, a business must have good people. Without good people, any business will fail. It's only the people that "make the difference", and good salespeople can make the biggest difference.

Here is a typical result achieved by an existing SalesMax client, showing the actual performance of sales candidates who scored in different ranges of the SalesMax Personality Index:

Personality Index bar chart

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